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Winners Innovation 2014

    Award winners 2014
    "Innovation for sustainable renovation"

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    The prize in the « Innovation » category encourages original solutions which improve sustainable renovation processes whether related to technologies, materials, organisation or services.


    Winning project 2014


    "Quietwave SQ biofoam"

    Quietwave SQ Biofoam is a sound barrier against airborne and impact noise, such as noise emitted by neighbours in multi residential buildings (TV, households equipment, steps).
    Quietwave SQ Biofoam is a very thin and light micro cellular biopolymer manufactured from renewable materials. It is particularly effective to improve the acoustic performance of  timber floors, floating concrete floors, ceilings, dry walls and partition walls.


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    Second place 2014

    IN’AIR Solutions
    "F Tracker"

    In'Air Solutions develops, integrates and markets microanalysers of mono-and multi-pollutants, patented by the French Scientific Research Institute. These microanalysers have unique features such as portability and high sensitivity.
    F Tracker the first portable analyser of our range is focused on formaldehyde detection and combines unique features such as portability, continuous analysis and high sensitivity.
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    Third place 2014

    "Energy Management Software"

    EnergyELEPHANT is a software-as-a-service package that enables organisations to reduce energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions through encouraging staff to be key change agents.

    The EnergyELEPHANT solution uses the latest in gamefication and smart energy technologies to achieve this goal.


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